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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  September 4, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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it's not going to get hot and it's never going to feel humid today. we're going to take you up to 80, 81. lots of sun at the beaches, too. >> i bet a the lof people are thinking, oh, shoot, shouldn't have canceled those sa reservations. thank you, kim. the once powerful category 4 hurricane has weakened official also assess the damage but they expect it to be minimal. check out the heavy winds and rain. it caused some flooding there but for the most part earl stayed far enough off shore leaving behind little damage. still, concerns remain forth holiday weekend. >> there's definitely a rip tide out there and we're starting to see a lot of beach erosion.
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>> if you've been to the outer banks, you've seen it fall into the surf. most places experienced little problems. with the threat of earl gone, travel plans are back on for many people which means it's going to be very crowded on the highways. 788,000 people are going to travel this weekend. 34,000 people are expected to fly. aaa says ocean city, bethany, virginia beach are the popular driving destinations for people in our area. >> people are making a rare exception today and -- i should say, the dmv is making rare
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exceptions and will be opened processing i.d. cards because of a computer glitch. >> this represents an opportunity for folks. well, some virginia drivers and wou would-be drivers are going to have an opportunity although they may not have wanted it. they had their pictures taken on august 25th. some data was recovered but 12,000 to 16,000 photos were not and authorities are still evaluating other photos have tha have been lost.
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it's sort of like that movie groundhog day where they wake up and every day is the same day over and over again only this real life scenario involves the d dmv. >> although, i think not all of them will be. >> and we want to show you what is going on right now. today, 14 centers will stay opened until 6:00 p.m. that includes locations like alexandria, oakridge and they will be opened from 1 kblk prk m. to 5:00 p.m. on sunday and from 8:00 a.m. until noon on monday. they have even taken the holiday to play catch up. we're live and back to you. >> i think you just defined insanity. >> reporter: let's hope they
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don't get the same result this time. >> there are improvements this morning at the dmv. >> thank you. now to the discovery channel standoff investigation. we get a chance to hear what workers saw and heard when a gunman took three hostages. callers tried to give dispatchers as much information as they could. >> what is the emergency? >> reporter: the first call came from security inside the discovery communications building. >> five gunshots in the main lobby at 1 discovery place. >> reporter: the man went on to tell the operator that he was in the lobby with the suspected gunman. >> i'm behind the main lobby in a secure space. >> in a secure space? >> yes. >> okay. hold on just a minute, okay.
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>> okay. >> do you see anybody? >> no. i'm afraid to take my head out because this guy is going to come our way. >> reporter: and then calls came from outside the discovery. >> there is a man at the lobby discovery communications. >> 1 discovery place? >> yes. he's got a gun and going through the front desk and he's got people on the floor. >> reporter: then a call from an employee. >> he said nobody move and he shot the gun up into the air and then i ran. >> reporter: while on the phone, a security guard noticed the picture of suspected gunman james lee posted inside the security office. >> james lee, 5'11", possibly short black hair, clean shaven, 40 years old. >> okay. hold on one second nor me. you said the guy on the camera, he is holding an i.d. and has one person in front of him?
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>> correct. >> someone was walking up with a rifle in their arms. with a yellow -- >> a police officer? >> no. he's in shorts, t-shirt, black gentlemen. he has a yellow fluorescent things on his shoulders. >> reporter: okay. you're good to go. >> is that a police officer? >> yes. >> reporter: tracee wilkins, newschannel 4. >> you know, nearly four hours later a police officer shot and killed lee. the hostages did all escape unharmed thanks to in part all of those 911 calls. >>. we're following a developing story out of new zealand where a state of emergency has been declared in the wake of a massive earthquake. the 7.1 magnitude earthquake caused extensive damage. the curfew has been declared as
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there are reports of looters and they are trying to keep people away from unsafe areas. many people are without power and water. no tsunami warnings have been issued for the island. president obama will help small businesses add new jobs. this is after numbers show how many americans are not working these days. the latest job report shows that unemployment rate for august climbed 9.6%, up from 9.5 from july. the private sector -- let's see. the private sector did add some encouraging news by adding at least 67,000 new jobs last month. metro is using this long labor day weekend to make what it calls the largest maintenance project in its history. last night the transit agency closed five red line agencies. crews are making track repairs and upgrading cell phone
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communication access which was a congressional mandate. during the work, metro will offer free shuttle work. the repairs should wrap up by 1:00 a.m. on tuesday. it's 9:08 and 74 degrees outside. we're following new details in the gulf oil disaster. plus, decision 2010. candidates for d.c. council chair debate. where t
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crews removed the damage well head yesterday from the gulf. the million pound piece should reach the surface sometime today. it's a crucial investigation into the massive oil spill. the new one should be installed
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in the next few days. leading candidates for the d.c. council are clashing over personal finances. the front-runner's financial trouble could undermine the city's credibility but brown says he's taken steps to clear up his debt. >> reporter: d.c. council brown is running for chairman of the council. he has a substantial lead over vincent orange in a recent poll. >> we will now be having a conversation with two candidates. >> reporter: during a joint appearance, the candidates clashed over reports earlier this summer that brown has been sued by three credit card companies for $50,000 in personal debt. now brown is being questioned by the campaign finance office over debts and expenditures in his political activities. >> we've addressed this activity
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a number of times. was it sloppy -- the credit cards i take responsibility for that. but in terms of what i've done professionally, i've always had the upmost character. >> orange says it undermines his credibility during difficult economic times. >> it's not just personal finances. is this the person you want to second to wall street to represent us? what is his credit score? he didn't take responsibility. >> what does it mean? that brown is not responsible. that he lacks judgment, that he should have cleaned this up before he came forward. >> reporter: both candidates agree there could be more cutting ahead and both could keep education reform going. news 4, washington. >> a poll out this weekend shows brown with a 22-point lead over vincent orange. early voting is already under way in the district. and voters in prince georges
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county don't have to vote absentee anymore. for the first time prince georges county is allowing early voting. they will decide on governor, county executive and other county seats. vote the libraries, kmun dcommu center and sports center in landover. it's not going to get much hotter than this? >> a little bit but it's going to be nice for the holiday weekend. i'll tell you how nice and if there's any shot of rain in my
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>> it is a beautiful day today. why not enjoy your community. today the first saturday celebrations. there will be historic tours, art exhibits, and more. neighborhoods are taking part. these are the ones. festivities will take place from 7:00 to 10:00 and it's all free. as we head into labor day, you might be wondering how to take your favorite summer trends into cooler weather. we went to gossip on 23rd street in arlington for some ideas. >> i am at a little women's
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boutique with great clothing and accessories. the dress that i'm wearing, right here on this rack, it's really cute pieces that look like they could be a squirt and dress together are very in style. leather is a big must have and if you're scared of leather, just use little leather straps and you're following the trend. another thing that is very hot is going to be gold. so gold pieces, gorgeous gold dress. throw a gold necklace on with a pair of booties and you're stuck with fall. >> it's still very in style. anything with a necklace like this, which has all of the details of the pearls that are metal and silver and gold mixed together looks very good. >> the pieces are very in style for fall and winter. you can take your summer pieces, sheer, lacy tops like this one in black, and just layer it with a solid top underneath. change the color underneath and make it pop.
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we also have an ivory, which is still beautiful. throw an ivory cami under it and you've made it into fall. >> you can find more shopping ideas at by searching the key word, want this. are you tired about the maternity offerings? >> i love maternity clothing and i want to wear them the rest of my life. they are so forgiving. it's 9:19, kim. what a beautiful day. >> can't go wrong with this weekend weather forecast. the humidity is great for anybody that might feel uncomfortable this time of year.
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and a lot of our suburbs woke up to the 60s and still in the 60s. 72 right now down towards quantico. let's take a look around. there's the clear weather. that is tropical storm earl making labd fall across november sa scotia. it's going to be sizzling out. 77 by noon and 80 for the high today and a sunny finish. the dry air mass cools off quickly. we're back down into the 70s by the evening. earl is leaving, fiona never got it is act together quite much and the next one formed and then decreased and now could potentially reform back into a tropical system. that's the farthest one away. so we're not as concerned about
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it in the immediate forecast but it could become the next tropical player again. here's a check at earl as of 8:00 this morning. winds of 70 miles per hour. you can see it pass into the canadian maritime. it's absorbed by the atmosphere. there again, fiona is falling apart. nearby, bermuda. as we head to the beaches, we have gusty winds and rip currents. the weather is nice and sunny and 83. uv index of 7. and ocean city, a gorgeous day around 846789 wearp temperature is 74. we still could have wind gusts to 20 miles per hour. around here, it's the beautiful holiday weekend with no rain in sight. chilly morning lows and pleasant afternoon highs. 80 degrees sounds good with the low humidity. as we think about tomorrow morning, 50s. yeah, they are going to be here
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and i think even sunday night. kimberly, we could wake up with some 40s in our suburbs and i'm talking upper montgomery county. not way out there. so it's going to be a little reminder that fall is not that far away. back up to 90 by tuesday and then dry. wednesday is our only shot for a shower. even though the chance isn't very high. thursday, friday, clearing out again with temperatures comfortable back down into the 80s. we need the rain. unfortunately, we really do. >> this is the kind of weather that people say we never have enough of this in d.c. >> a whole week. >> thank you, kim. so college football season is here and that means one thing. chuck's football forecast. he had to offer his prediction for not only the weather but for the scores. >> my not being here does not mean that i'm not going to get out of the first weekend of college football. the forecast is making a return
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through the magic of videotape. let's take a check. games we've got on tap for this weekend. this saturday, youngtown state, noon kick off. forecast. 66 degrees. west wind at 20 miles an hour. field goal kicking and extra points could be an issue. i think penn state is going to win that one. the oregon state beavers going down to texas to take on tcu. it's a night game with 8:00 kickoff. it's still going to be warm. 85 degrees with a light wind. i think tcu is going to win this one 35-24. the richmond spiders going up to charlottesville, the 6:00 kickoff, 72 degrees at the kickoff. but it's going to get very chilly once the sun goes down. uva should have no trouble with richmond. the biggest game of the week, of course, 7:00 kickoff, nice and mild. i think oklahoma wins that one
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66-3. a couple of big games going on, intersection game, caroline na tar heals to take on the lsu tigers. it's inside the virginia tech georgia dome. 77 degrees. 44-10rks i think lsu has no trouble there. maryland and the naval academy in baltimore on monday afternoon a 4:00 game. 83 degrees and wind out of the south at 5 miles an hour. i think navy takes out maryland. and then in landover on monday night, the game that i'll be attending, boise state. they come into town to take on the hoakies from virginia tech and i think that they are going to take one away from the hoakies. i'll be out in norman next week as florida state travels to take on oklahoma in norman. happy saturday, everybody.
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>> if you're a fan, you might have some choice words for chuck when you see him at the game. tonight's host hosts bristol palin. >> last time you were here you came with your mom. how is mom doing? okay. >> yeah, she's okay. >> she's hunting right now. >> i knew the economy was rough but i had no idea. >> bristol's 2008 pregnant tea put her in the spotlight during her mother's run for president. her and her ex were not meant to be, she says, and she's focused on being a mom. it's 9:25 right now. and 74 degrees outside. the elected leader of the free world, there's lives have not been the same. we'll see what life is like for sasha and malia obama. a makeup day at some virginia dmvs as they continue
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to recover from a
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good-bye, rerl earl. we look at the beach forecast in case you're headed that way. good morning.
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welcome to news 4 today. aaron has the morning off. you're seeing video there of the dmv in virginia. they are extending their hours. a live report in just a moment. the news is just ahead. a quick look at our forecast with kim. she's in this morning for chuck bell. i can't tell you how many people had their outer banks vacations cut short now only to have gorgeous weather. head back down, i you can. >> at least if you can get to the local beaches. the weather will be nice straight through monday. if you can take tuesday off, the weather will be nice there again. we have a nice stretch of weather everybody. good morning. it's 9:29. here's a live look outside with blue skies, bright sunshine, and temperature 75 degrees. a humidity of 32%. we've seen the camera behind our set here from time to time. it's breezy. we'll have the winds stirring around. everybody is going to be climbing into at least the upper 70s to the lower 80s today.
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there's no clouds in sight, no rain in sight. warrenton, 79. annapolis, 71. we'll take you to 80 today up in frederick. where i used to live. seven-day forecast, as we mentioned, how the beaches are shaping up. thanks, kim. what is now tropical storm earl continues to head away from the east coast this morning. the once powerful category 4 hurricane has weakened and only grazed the eastern seaboard. officials say the tropical storm caused minor damage as it passed by overnight. earl hit the outer banks of north carolina as a category 2 storm with heavy wind and rain. it caused some flooding there but for the most part earl stayed far enough off shore leaving behind little damage. concerns still remain for beach goers this holiday weekend. >> you can see the surf come up a lot and we're starting to see
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a lot of beach erosion. >> ocean city sustained little damage but they are experiencing high surf and rip tides. forecasters say it should move inland over nova scotia later today. more than half a dozen airlines are waves change fees. that includes continental, jetblue, united airlines and trans air. most customers will be able to rebook or earn credits for future travel until the end of the day today. you should check with your specific airline if you have questions. the train company had to cancel all trains along the northeast corridor after an electrical system was damaged by a tree that fell outside of a company property in connecticut.
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amtrack canceled trains as a precaution for the severe weather brought by tropical storm earl. with earl out of sight, make sure you plan ahead if you're headed to the beach for a long weekend. you may be able to avoid delays by traveling between 5:00 and 10:00 tonight. and make sure your vehicle is really road ready. just one disabled vehicle can kauj huge backups. for conditions approaching the bay bridge, logon to bay today you can finally get your virginia driver's license. the virginia commonwealth extended its office hours after a computer glitch kept officials from processing new ones for several days. we're live in alexandria with all of the details. the people have been lining up this morning?
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>> reporter: there's not a line now. the lot has been filling up. and you can see people against the windows. the line is long but i don't think unusually long because there's more than one location opened and this is providing virginia authorities a chance to play some catchup. smile for the camera or scowl for the camera. even that would be understood after some 4200 driver's license applicants are being called back to have their photos redone. this is mostly folks who had them done on august 25th. that was after a massive computer glitch hit dmv offices. lots of data was lost and subsequently it's recovered but not thousands of photos. we spoke with one of those returning applicants. >> is it frustrating with you? >> of course. you know how one day you expect to have everything on that day and then you cancel and spend another day doing the same thing. >> reporter: now, it's good to
9:34 am
pick up the weekend hours? >> yes. definitely. that's true. although i think it's not all of them. not all of the branchs are opened. but, yeah. >> reporter: and we want to show you some of the 14 centers will be opened until 6:00. they include locations like alexandria, fair oaks, leesburg, and woodridge. those same 14 dmvs will be opened on sunday and 8:00 a.m. until noon on monday. so there's still time. back to you. >> thanks for the good news. we appreciate it. from the roads to the rails, prepare for delays if you use metro's red line. the transit agency closed five stations for the weekend for a major maintenance project. those closed stops include wheaton, silver spring, and tacoma. crews are making track repairs and upgrading cell phone communication access.
9:35 am
during the work, metro will offer free shuttle service between the stations. the repairs should wrap up by 1:00 a.m. on tuesday. an art museum in northwest washington will reopen after a fire. authorities say that the fire started on the roof where crews were doing welding work. no one was hurt and flames did not significantly damage any artwork. all galleries will open. repairs continue. the museum is waving regular admission for all of september. the time now is 9:35. still ahead, we see how the first daughters have really grown up since moving into the white house. we'll hear from the first lady and the president himself. and help is here for those recovering from drugs and alcohol addiction. we'll show you some upcoming programs and events to help you. and a local expert joins us live in the studio with what you need to know to get on the path
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if you are trying to recover from drugs and alcohol, there is help. joining us is the d.c. recovery community alliance. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> how widespread is the problem of drug and alcohol addiction? >> nationally, one out of ten people are having problems. we lead the nation in untreated
9:39 am
illicit drugs and alcoholism. that's survey from the federal government. >> $1.2 billion, the cost of the city to cope with the effect of drug and alcohol adings? >> we've compiled data that compares to the local level to demonstrate what the cost is to the community. when people are left untreated in their addiction, it costs us homelessness, families breaking down, the cost of unemployment. the damage is just tremendous when you don't address the illness. >> crime is another issue? >> crime is a particular issue and we criminalize a lot of people unnecessarily. one of the states we find in the data where we are number one is it varies by ward. some of the major problems are in the center city, wards one and two. most of the people arrested are
9:40 am
from wards 7, 8, and 9. >> is that isn't really to advocate in our criminal justice system? there needs to be that treatment element and maybe it's not strong enough? >> that's correct. we need to treat it as a health problem more and a criminal problem less. >> let's start with the saturday night jazz celebration. let's look at the details now so people can mark their calendars. what is going on? >> this is the third year that we had this jazz festival and health fair. it's from 1:00 in the afternoon until 5:00 in the afternoon. we're blessed to have d.c.'s best jazz. >> and it's a gorgeous park to do it in. and the day before on friday -- >> there's 31 treatment facilities and they are announcing the open houses on their web sides and opening to the public. it's great education. the recovery is possible, powerful, and in our city.
9:41 am
>> you know this firsthand? >> i do. it's been 28 years since i've had a drink or a drug and i spend a good time doing service work because that's the best medicine for someone like me. >> what do you think is so important? >> i think it's to demonstrate that it's a treatable illness like diabetes or any other illness. if we address it so, the cost to society will be greatly reduced. >> and if you treat it like an illness, hopefully there's not so much shame accompanied with it? >> that's correct. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning and good luck on your recovery and i hear the jazz is great. >> the jazz is great. >> everyone is invited. all right. now a check on the weather with kim. kim? what's the latest? >> no matter what the forecast is, it looks like this weekend is no-brainer. it's picture perfect. i'll have it coming up. it's 9:41. 76 degrees and that's blue
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it's working for our children, our families, our economy and our future. and if there were ever a time to stick with what works, now is it. the future has always been our business. and the future begins now. well, the press may get rare access to the obamas but the president and first lady have been talking openly about the girls at recent appearances. >> malia is just 12.
9:45 am
she's my baby. even though she's 5'9", she's still my baby. >> sasha does dance, hip-hop. malia does flute. >> and they make their own beds and don't have to be asked to do their homework. i've heard that they are wonderfully behaved girls. they do not uses myspace or facebook and are not allowed to watch television during the week. they do, however, wake up almost every day at 6:00 a.m. >> i'm listening to my director. when are they allowed to watch television? >> after homework and before bed. >> yeah. >> but not much. now, we hope that they watch the news. >> good morning, everybody. >> yes. >> this weekend, do you have any requests? >> it's already been fulfilled.
9:46 am
i mean, it's really a perfect weekend. >> and it's going to feel chilly. i love it when it gets that first really cool morning of the new season. maybe you're going to get ready, you're starting to run again, getting into the swing of thing. this is the type of perfect weather for doing something outside. it's gorgeous. we have sunshine for just about everybody. and i'm not anticipating hardly any clouds this weekend. instead, it will be dry and sunny with warm days and cooler nights. sound good to you? i'll take it. i don't hear any complaints out there. let's put up the numbers and take a look around. what we're expecting, yeah, i didn't pass the graphic. i forecast a collision with the camera. please stop the camera. i love live television, everybody. well, let me talk over the graphics and tell you that occasionally rot bottom particular cameras have to get together on the air. they can't stay apart. we've got 72 in sterling and 74
9:47 am
laplata. no trouble, as i mentioned. it stays sunny and gorgeous. earl, by the way, is up across nova scotia making landfall right now. 83 for the high. the winds with tropical storm earl, 70 miles an hour. it's picking up speed moving northeast at 26 miles an hour. it's going to race away. and what that means is we have to focus our attention on what could be the next player. it's not going to be fiona. as things fired up earlier in the week, it could redevelop. as for the beaches, a little windy. the uv index is 7. down at ocean city, lots of sunshine. around 84. bethany beach, 85. water temperature, 74. here we're going to keep the wall to wall sunshine right through labor day. if you can extend your vacation to tuesday, you've got my seal of approval on that forecast,
9:48 am
here or at the beaches, too. when do we see any rain? not for a while. sunny and low humidity. ready for this? 50 to 56 degrees. uh-huh. and i think sunday night up into frederick county, west virginia, you know, 40s overnight. quick check of the extended, a sliver of rain chances on wednesday. don't you love our cameras? they just wanted to kiss. >> i'm just like this, don't run over the pregnant lady. >> i took the wall road. i hugged the wall. >> thank you, kim. the time right now is 9:48. it's 77 degrees and school is back in session. that means high school football season, we check out all of the action on the field right when we co
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good morning, everybody. danny espinoza is going to be part of the future for years to come. he made his first career start last night and got his first career home run in pittsburgh. he's playing now and that
9:53 am
knuckle ball there, said, he almost couldn't follow it. top three, no score. danny. gets ahold of this one going the other way. nice hitting here. this one is gone. his first big league home run. putting the nationals on top, 1-0. bottom of the five, nationals down 1-0. two-run scores, and they are calling for help in the dugout. it's too late. nationals fall to the pirates, 8-5. it will be at least four months for steven starts throwing a ball again and a year to a year and a half until he returns to the majors.
9:54 am
orioles lose to the raves, 2-1. back in the day this would have been a barn burn in montgomery county. traditional powerhouse damascus against m allowed to say that b i'm an alum. >> do not mess with brandon phelps. he's headed to virginia next season. conner frasier moves up in the pocket and finds that phelps, phelps, he does the rest. damascus shuts them out 42-0. natalie randolph hosting friendly game tied at 6 in the second quarter and swings it
9:55 am
over to hobby and hobby bottles up on the right side, cuts it back across the field, picks up some great blocking and the little guy scores the 14-yard touch. friendly wins it 20-6. college football has arrived. maryland's first game against navy on monday at 4:00 in baltimore. virginia tech opens up at fedex field on monday night. plenty of tickets available on that one. >> steelers' quarterback ben roethlisberger met yesterday and as expected his suspension was reduced from six games to four. eligible to play on october 14th against the browns. good news, but this didn't help, byron, who section expected to start in big ben's absence, will reportedly miss two to four weeks with a sprained acl. and north carolina will be
9:56 am
without 12 players. six of them are starters. the players have been suspended for violating school and or ncaa rules. one of them's potential first round pick marvin austin, a stud on the defensive line. hopefully he's able to come back very soon. that's your morning sports. i'm dan hellie, everybody have a great weekend. >> we will, dan. thank you. baby pandas have always gar nerned attention from this region but take a look at this 5-year-old panda. she gave birth. this is live video. this is her first litter and the first surviving litter for cub's father luke.
9:57 am
they will have time to examine the cubs and monitor her as she adjusts to raising her cubs. >> i could watch that all day, watch that little cub rolling around. and he just missed the cutoff for a bunch of leos. oh, well, still so cute. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow morning. !%
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